Joy Fireball.


I built a handgun prop for a small local science fiction project called "Joy". Visit the blog for the build progress reports.

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Black Betty

Below is the recently completed gun prop "Black Betty" also known as the "Rock Gun". It's a mean looking, massive, double barrel shotgun pistol prop that can be cocked and reloaded, has working triggers and interchangable bullets. For all the construction details and a lot more images, take a squiz at the blog.

black betty sketch
Black Betty Sketch.

Black Betty 1 Black Betty 2

Side views.

Black Betty 3 Black Betty 4

Top and Bottom views.

Black Betty 5 Black Betty 6

Open for loading. Rock bullets.

Material costs: AUD$200 (most of which was in the cost of paint treatments).


Project proposals/requests can be emailed to this

(For more things I've built have a look at: Hobby Projects).