What is Product Design?

tubbies concept
"Tubbies" concept drawing.

Product designers bridge a gap between creative and corporate, with a foot in each camp. They create a translation layer between corporate drives and consumer desires. When applied to the function of a product, this translation process makes the science and technology inside modern devices accessible and often enjoyable to the non-technical user. With no translation of product form we would be surrounded by drab and unfriendly "black boxes" that fail to excite and fail to differentiate themselves from one another. Designers help inject a bit more humanity, art and fun into the world of stuff.


Product Design / Industrial Design?

I tend to use the terms Product Design and Industrial Design interchangeably, some say they are vastly differing fields that should never be confused! I don't mind either term though "Industrial Designer" sounds tougher, like you might actually get your hands dirty.

where STUFF comes from

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