Alternate Versions and Ports.

Commodore 64 (Original)

The original and best. Myth still looks pretty good on the ancient 8bit hardware. Later followed by a cartridge version for the ill-fated C64gs. Dont forget to type in: "SYS 3 MYTH" (with the spaces) on the black screen to boot the cart. Lemon64 linkage.

Here's a set of C64 longplays on YouTube: part 1/3, part 2/3, part 3/3.

c64 level one - the infamous skiing sceneC64 lev 5-1

ZX Spectrum

Similar but different to the C64 level layout with a few unfamiliar locations like the one below (right).

ZX titleZX lev 1

Amstrad CPC

I can't find much on this version. It looks very similar to the ZX version (no suprise).

CPC titleCPC lev 1


Renamed "Conan the Cimmerian."

Note the player sprite is now more Conan, less average schmuck in a vinyl vest.
I guess the Nintendo crowd needed a familiar licence to give the game some cred'.

The gameplay (at least on level 1) is simplified and faster-paced which isn't necessarily an improvement. The music is lousy, silence is golden sometimes.

C64 lev 1-1C64 lev 5-1


Similar to the C64 original with lush 16bit visuals and some gameplay tweaks making it a bit easier. The harpies are a lot less annoying and it's easier to take out Medusa with her more predictable attack cycle, player control also seems a bit more responsive and fluid compared to the C64's slightly ponderous control response. The graphics are easy on the eye too. I place this version a close second behind the C64 classic which wins out because of the nicer intro sequence and the impression the 8bit hardware is being pushed harder. The hero character has had a complete rethink too now he's a wild haired barbarian type. see: artwork for more about this.

Amiga lev 2Amiga lev 3

Amiga CD32

Identical to the previous Amiga version. Like many CD32 titles, not much is new over the standard Amiga version which is a shame because some AGA love would've made a great game even better.

A good game if you hadn't played it already on your Amiga 500.

Amiga CD32 title FMVAmiga lev 4

Atari ST

This game was never finished. As with many ST ports it bares a remarkable resemblance to the Amiga version. Note the little graphical tweaks and colour downgrade in the stats bar.

ST teaserST lev 1


In development, fingers crossed it'll make release. See the teaser video (youtube).

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remake lev 1remake lev 2