The Art of MYTH.

Hero EuroHero USA

Who's the Hero here anyway?

The artwork of the various Myth versions is not without some strange lapses in continuity. I put it down to localisation issues and advertising whims.

The Original character from the C64 game and box*, with his black jacket (or vest) and Anglo-centric feel, probably doesn't resonate with US fans in the same way as the red New York blazer wearing hero does?

*I can't be 100% sure but I think I got the C64 disk box with the black vest/jacket guy. Although I can't find record of it on the net, just a poster (which helps to prove it probably might have existed).

Hero BarbarianAmiga sprite

Things get even stranger with the Barbarian themed box art. He shares some synergy with the hero sprite in the Amiga version, (a shirtless, wild haired, muscle clad lug). But even then the sprite seems to be more modern with his blue jeans and boots. I'm not sure of the timing but the NES port makes some sense of this with its Conan based hero sprite. Still, it's a bit strange looking at the cover of the C64 cartridge then playing a game with a completely different back story.

Not to get to bogged down in the niggling details, but continuity in a game's artwork is something we've become accustomed to these days, where whole businesses exist just to create a game's packaging and related paraphernalia an have them all make sense.