Welcome to Myth

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MYTH - history in the making.

This site is dedicated to one of my all time favourite games on the Commodore 64. What follows is a rambling journey back to a shiny little nugget of gaming nostalgia.

MYTH was the first game I had magazine-review fueled anticipation for. I'd been collecting Zzap 64 for a while before Myth hit the scene and once I read that review and pored over the screen shots, (Zzap p14 ish56, Dec89) I had to get myself a copy.

It took some time for the game to make its way from the UK to southern shores and the weeks long wait was excruciating. I eventually picked up my order from a little gaming shop in the city called Valhalla. It cost me a full weeks pay but I had it at last.

"Welcome to Myth"

Even the intro screens were entertaining, I'd never heard the C64 speak in a digitized female voice. I felt guilty cutting the intro music short to get to the game itself. Level one is initially a tough and confusing challenge, its not immediately clear what your supposed to do to get past the Chimera level boss that blocks the right most exit. On first impressions the Chimera is impossible and even unfair, one shot kills you instantly and attacks are unavoidable, dodging only works for a short while and gets you nowhere and barging in gets you killed as soon as you come close to the beast. Its only when you realize that Myth isn't your standard hack and slash platformer, it requires a little puzzle solving brainwork that you come to appreciate the subtlety and depth of the game. What at first seems an impossible challenge is in fact a game cleverly balanced between platform action and puzzle solving skill.

Welcome to Myth

The first level alone had me sitting up until 4am. Just surviving long enough to get the sword is a tough task. I then worked out I could cut free the hanging skeleton, but it took some time to find that you then have to drop down and repeatedly kill him until his head falls into the flame pit below, whereupon Lucifer will rise up and eventually kill you (unless you fire flames at him at just the right time). Lucifer then drops a trident which, if you're quick you can throw at the Chimera and finally progress to the next area.

And now it's 4am!

Myth had me hooked; not quite difficult enough to put me off for long, clever and visually brilliant enough to tempt me back for one more try.