Level Gallery.

Here you'll find hints to the location of most of the hidden items in Black Tiger, I think I missed a couple during the screen-cap playthrough...

I should have 5 or 6 vitality bars by level 8.

Level 1.

pic 001pic 003
pic 004pic 005

Level 2.

pic 008pic 009
pic 010pic 011

Level 3.

pic 013pic 015
pic 017pic 019

Level 4.

pic 021pic 023
pic 025pic 026

Level 5.

pic 030pic 031

Level 6.

pic 035pic 036
pic 037pic 038

Level 7.

pic 041pic 044

Level 8.

pic 047pic 048
pic 049pic 050

End Credits.

One last screencap of the character designers and pixel artists, well done!

design credit

For a complete set of level maps have a look here; http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/Arcade/index.htm